September in Colorado is sporadic to say the least. We could see the dryest weather we have seen in a decade. We could see a foot of snow. Or we could even see the most rain that we have seen in 100 years as we did in September 2013. Who knows what we can have in store when it comes to weather this September. So far we haven’t had anything specific but we are only half way through the month. It is good to get prepared now just in case something happens.


Even in September, we have the chance to get a significant amount of hail and that hail can be enough to damage your roof. Hail has the ability to damage even the newest roof. After the storm has passed, it is a good idea to call Precision Roofing to have us come out and inspect your roof. We will be able to determine whether or not you need a replacement roof or just some minor repairs.


Whether it is a bunch of snow or a little rain, water has the ability to find any weakness in your roof and exploit it in order to get into your house. A leaking roof is one of the biggest pains that a homeowner can experience. Not only can it ruin the interior of your home, water can also get into the structure of your home and fester in the walls if the issue is not taken care of immediately.

So before the weather changes, call Precision Roofing and let us inspect your roof for any potential problems that might araise.