No matter what type of roof you have on your home, we all know that even a well installed roof needs to be replaced about every 20 years or so. You might be able to push it to 30 years if you have it inspected frequently. There are several signs to look for to determine if you are in need of a new roof (outside of a waterfall in your attic).

Curling or buckling

When the shingles on your roof start to show signs of curling or buckling, it could mean that your roof is in need of a replacement. You will see this most often on parts of the roof that get a lot of sun. When the shingles are not flat, they could be losing their granules which shortens their life expectancy.

Dark Spots

Another clear sign that the shingles are on their last leg is if you start to see dark spots on them. This could mean that there is mold or fungus growing and the granules have been compromised. You can try cleaning the shingles but you will only be holding off on a full roof replacement for a short time.

Stains on the ceiling

This usually means that there is a leak somewhere and that can only mean that there is a problem with your roof. If left too long, the water in the ceiling and walls will start to grow mold and can mess with you and your family’s health.

Missing shingles

If your roof has shingles missing from it, your roof will be compromised and will eventually allow water to seep into the house. A quick repair can help put off replacing the roof but if there are too many missing, it is recommended that the roof be replaced.

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