In our previous blog, we talked about some of the types of roofs you can choose from. Today, we will discuss some of the less conventional types of roofs. These roofs may not be as common but they each have their merits.


Metal roofs are becoming more of a hot commodity lately due to how easy they are to maintain and how environmentally friendly they are. Being in Colorado, metal roofs are nice because they resist the buildup of snow and ice. This makes it less likely to be damaged in the winter. The downside to metal roofs is that they are typically more expensive and are tricky to install which may cause installation prices to increase.

Flat Roof

This is very uncommon and requires a lot of maintenance from the homeowner after it is installed. They need to be cleaned off regularly so that the leaves and debris doesn’t clog up the drains. The roof also has the ability to degrade quicker than other roofs because of the constant sunshine. The benefits to having a flat roof is that, for one, it is cheaper. They are also less dangerous if you find yourself on your roof often and are easy to access.

Solar Panel RoofGreen

Did you know that there are now shingles available that have little solar panels on them? People are increasingly adding solar panels to their roofs so that they can get a little relief on their electric bill. These panels will most likely cost you more in the beginning, but once they are installed you will start to see a decrease in your bills because the sun will power some of your electricity.

If you are interested in any of these types of roofs, call us at Precision Roofing for more information.